Introduction by Mick Farren
John Edward Barker was my friend, my creative accomplice through much of the 1970s, and co-defendant in the Nasty Tales trial. Edward may have drunk himself to death in 1997, but he was also one of the gentlest and most innocent beings who ever walked this Earth, which is possibly why the same Earth proved too much for him. He also had a unique gift, or maybe a curse, which enabled him to see the human race as cartoon animals. When Edward was on form his drawings were up there with the best, the product of a lurid and hilarious sensibility. They were adored by we who got them, misunderstood by the benighted who scratched themselves and looked worried, and, although he has gone and I miss him, his work is still around, scattered but surviving, and I really hope, in the near future, they will be both in print and on display where they deservedly ought to be.

In the Ed Barker Gallery

Obituary from The Guardian Not only a fond memorial to Ed but also a nice introduction to his work.  Much more to come.
Anthropomorphism Written in 1997 on the death of Mick's friend and partner Edward and read by Felix Dennis as part of his eulogy. Originally published in The Road to Armageddon is Best Travelled by Cadillac: A Collection of Poetry, Lyrics, Essays, and Short Stories by Mick Farren
NME illustrations A selection of illustrations by Edward Barker culled from the NME.
Om Gallery Ed Barker's shiftless, wasted English freak equivalent of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers - Om, and not forgetting his stinky old cat.
Nasty Tales Trial
Part I
Part II
Roger Hutchinson's report from International Times on the 1971 Nasty Tales bust which, while less well known than the celebrated Schoolkids Oz trial of around the same time, was one round that the Underground actually won.