Elvis Died For Somebody's Sins Not Mine


Elvis Died For Somebody's Sins But Not Mine

432 pages


Mick Farren's comments

All through the interminable preparation for this book I tried to avoid the inevitable contemplation of the hideous reality that this was my life. I was gathering together some of the best surviving stuff that I had ever written, goddamn it. This was my fucking life. This was it. Life. This was all there was. The blurb reads…

“The definitive collection of Mick Farren’s prose, over four hundred pages of some of the best writing the counterculture has ever produced, carefully selected and extensively annotated by Mick Farren himself, with superb line-art illustrations by Michael Robinson, a foreword by CHARLES SHAAR MURRAY, a preface by FELIX DENNIS, plus encounters with JOHNNY CASH, FRANK ZAPPA, CHUCK BERRY, GORE VIDAL and PETE TOWNSHEND, among others. Over four decades of Farren’s very best interviews and polemics.”

Funtopia Review


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